(click on the trans flag to find out what misgendering is, click on the non-binary flag to find out who experinces it)


Misgendering is the act of using the wrong pronouns/terms for someone, specifically a transgender person. This can be accidental or intentional. Always make sure you are not using the wrong pronouns or terms for someone before referring to/speaking to them. There are people who use two+ sets of pronouns, some of these people have a preferred pronoun and don't like when strangers call them by their non preferred one. Check with them before using one of their pronouns. If you aren't sure what pronouns or terms to use for someone, just use gender neutral ones (they/them + person). Doing this is NOT misgendering them.

ex: a non-binary person uses she/they pronouns and is uncomfortable being called a girl, calling them anything but "a person" or using pronouns other than she/they is misgendering them.


Only transgender people can be misgendered. While yes, cisgender people may be called the wrong pronouns or terms it technically is not misgendering. Misgendering is only when a transgender person is called the wrong pronouns/terms. This is because misgendering is an act of transphobia (whether intentional or not) and cisgender people cannot experience transphobia.

If you think that you can be misgendered even if you are cisgender then you are wrong. Because you are cisgender you experience no transphobia, the same way a white person does not experience racism.